This site is devoted to me and my pet interests, nail painting and knitting! Best is when you knit with your nails painted prettily. Unfortunately this doesn’t work with wet nails so please let them dry.

Here are some funny observations I’ve noticed through my time in the nail zone:

1.  Some people make the comment to me, “Oh wouldn’t that make a great toenail color?”  If it’s good enough to be on your toes, you can also wear it on your nails.  Yet the opposite is not true; some nail colors or effects are so special they need to be seen up close and not five feet away to really understand their mastery.  Unless you are very flexible.

2.  If you bite or pick at your nails, exchange a good habit for a bad one.  Pick up some cuticle cream or oil and do that instead.  It doesn’t take long to heal, and bad habits can be broken.

3.  For a bad split, just snip some teabag or coffee filter material, allowing just a short 1-2″ margin around the split, and glue it on with nail glue.  Don’t wrap the nail; just apply to the face.  Try to keep dry but you’ll end up replacing the material every 2 days or so.  Usually it takes a week to grow out a split.

4.  If you think your nails are “weak” or “tear too easily,” don’t run out to get them done at the salons immediately.  Try out some first class base coats to provide moisture to your nails or help with brittle, dry nails (when in doubt I go Nailtek for treatments).  Then wear 2 coats of color and topcoat at all times, reapply the topcoat every night when you are brushing your teeth (wrap the tip and under the edge).  Salons damage your nails very much by grinding (why do you think those ladies wear a mask?  Yep; that dust is YOUR nail!) and you have to go and get a fill every 2-3 weeks so when you are left paying the bill for your set and fills, you could have bought about 4 nail items per visit.

5.  There are no summer, winter, spring or fall colors.  Wear what you want when you want.  And if you don’t like a color and everyone else does, that’s fine too.


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