Revlon Matte Suede 008 Powder Puff

Ever think a color in the bottle will be o.k. and you find yourself surprised at how much you like, nay LOVE it?

In my local outlet store, as in very local, as in several blocks from me, I find many Revlon nail colors and I always stop to look. Usually the dazzling display catches my attention, then I move forward, thinking, “well there’s nothing I need” or “don’t I have every single color from 2005 and 2006?” Then I move on. This little ritual has been in keeping since 2007 when I moved to this tiny burg. Many Revlons and discontinued Sally Hansens have come home to live with me this way.

One day back in 2012, I stopped to look at this set:

Matte Suede 008 Powder Puff, Black with Envy, 001 Sheer Rose, Matte Suede 933 Emerald City

Matte Suede 008 Powder Puff, Black with Envy, 001 Sheer Rose, Matte Suede 933 Emerald City

Humbly packaged in a 4 pack blister pack, by simple virtue of the variety of colors and finishes, the 4 pack popped into my cart. You can see the price sticker in the upper left: Regular price: $17.99. Our price: $4.99.

I have already blogged here about Revlon Black With Envy, but the Matte Suedes in the 4 Pack were real standouts. Here is Powder Puff:



Revlon Powder Puff

I am a drop dead sucker for duochrome colors and anything with a shimmer of a different hue (purples with green shimmer, blacks with red shimmer, greens with pink shimmer, etc.) and I have held onto colors which were maybe a little boring because the shimmer combo made the color stand out for me. Following tradition, Powder Puff is so staying in my permanent collection: it is a white with a fluorescent light bulb BLUE SHIMMER!

Naturally, the shimmer in a white color is not going to stand out and it stands for Powder Puff as well. The blue shimmer I like is there, I know it and I don’t really see it except maybe when wet. You can see it in the photos, especially on my pinky nail in the middle shot. That may be a deal killer for the type of collector that HAS to see the shimmer on the nail if they see it in the bottle. For me, be it ever so subtle the blue in it is just part of the special shade Powder Puff is. I like the matte white, as it’s cool as it could be on my skin and really went nicely with my green blue skin. It really gave me a polished, prepared look all week (after about 5 days I had to take it off). It wore like a soldier. I never got bored of it. I was really quite sad when I had to take it off.

But in conclusion, a humble 4 pack from my humble corner store brought me a lot of fun and Matte Suede Powder Puff has so far been the second BIG WIN from my local store. You may look far and wide the world over and never come upon something as good as what you might see at your local shop.


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