CoverGirl Glosstinis in Pyro Pink

The other day I went to CVS to grab a gallon of milk and I saw this Hunger Games display for some semi cute nail colors. Here is a link to a blogger’s post with an experience to mine within the drugstore:


Although I’m clearly not a fan of any science fiction novels with competitions to the death, I love a good advertisement that’s full of fun and novelty, just like I love the haute couture fashion shows I read about in my magazines. The fluffy permed hair and the modern squared shoulders (photographed on of course the Salt Flats west of my hometown by racey rocket looking cars) and the big, bold heavy use of color were all seen in the shows this fall.

Back down from fantasy and sci fi to real life there picking up my gallon of milk, Pyro Pink popped into my cart. I am a huge sucker for pink with a violet hue. ESPECIALLY a warm hue. It goes back to my childhood love for all things PEENK from the Avon catalog I’d read at my best friends, and sampling all her mom’s Avon shades, all of which were either pink or peach.

In 2004 after doing some SERIOUS shopping for that perfect nail color, I found the Stroke of Midnight collection on TransDesign and got into its sparkliness. Different colors altogether, these colors from the Hunger Games collection from CoverGirl all had the same semi-metallic sparkle. Pyro Pink could easily stand with that collection of blue, purple, pale pink and hot pink beauties. There is a touch of duochrome in this color but I’m not sure how to photograph it. I think the reason why is there is a tiny bit of opacity in Pyro Pink that looks light a lighter, less intense plummy pink. I tried to capture it in pixels. Then, if you tilt your fingertips back and catch the light on the metallic shimmer, you will see a huge blast of metallic violet with a pink hue.

Here is the best I could do, even though after wearing this about a week I saw plenty more shades (a lighter, sheer pink, a very bright gold shine, and more happy violet pink all day and all evening long! Huge, huge Pyro Pink fan.

Trying to capture the sheer side to see if it's duo or just sheerness that gives a different hue.

Trying to capture the sheer side to see if it’s duo or just sheerness that gives a different hue.

CoverGirl Glosstinis in Pyro Pink

Do yourself a favor and stop by and look at the Glosstinis if you happen by your local drugstore. I have a feeling they will not stay there for long. It was pretty easy to apply and it lasted a long time. I was extremely happy with my first CoverGirl Glosstini purchase.


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