Revlon Turquoise Tango (mint, for Talia Castellano)

Most thirteen year old girls could learn a lot from Talia Castellano’s short life.  She may have gone early, but she did not go without having accomplished many things on her list.  Instead of characteristically teen behavior, pouting, sulking, arguing, and being dramatic, Talia wanted to seek out ways to be positive in her thirteenth year, even though she had two of the nastiest cancers in the world.   And I read on a nail polish message board that we would all be posting mint manicures this Friday to send her off in a personal way as nail polish collectors.  Here’s the link to the actual blog post: here (http://www.nailpolishwars.com/2013/07/mint-manis-for-talia-joy-on-friday.html).

So here is my Revlon Limited Edition classic which I purchased in summer of 2006, if my records are accurate.  The color is called Turquoise Tango and it was the first minty, glacier-like green liberally infused with ancient oxidized copper turquoise.  Because of the incessant cooking that I’ve been doing at home, the cuticles look a little raggedy but that’s not stopping me.  Enjoy!

Revlon Turquoise Tango (3) Revlon Turquoise Tango (2) Revlon Turquoise Tango (1)

The color is a very pale, sheer on the first coat, green.  Layer it and you get a bit more than gelee, less than a pure cream.  Slightly frosted metallic shards fading into the nail.  The first coat was blotchy because of my ridges, the second, even and smooth.  Pliable texture to the color but a little thin.  Did a bit of cleanup due to dripping.  But with this color being used a few times in 2006 and pretty much left to dust in my stash, I can’t complain.  Also, I think Talia would have liked it because it’s drug store, and affordable to most everyone.

Rest in peace, Talia, and thanks for inspiring us with your face.



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