Revlon – Black With Envy

Recently I snagged a 4 pack of Revlons at our Grocery Outlet.  I did not need Black With Envy but since it was in the pack, why not give it a try?  I needed something dark and sparkly to get over a very old, very ragged end life of Sally Hansen – Blue Icing (which I didn’t even apply nicely to begin with).  I reached over on my desk, and did 2 coats in very low light, and loved the steely grey shimmer.  At night, in indoor lighting, you could see tiny bits of glinty, colored shimmer.  By morning, in full sun, it just looked to be quite metallic and glintily steely grey.

The application (as I stated before, this was at night in low lighting) was fine, very smooth, and lay where I needed it to.  Very little cleanup was needed.  Revlon - Black With Envy DSCF9705

I touched this color up and took a quick photo.  As you can see, the green and pink shimmer do show.  Nothing earth shattering as far as originality, but for a glinty gunmetal steel, it is, well, it’s just solid as a rock.


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