China Glaze – Surfin’ for Boys

The trick with neon oranges is knowing how much orange you’ll be getting as far as the color wheel and how bright or how dark the orange is.  Surfin’ for Boys is more on the pinky red side of neon orange but no mistaking the color group it’s from.  It’s about as bright as neon gets.  Also, it’s not very dark, just very intense.

At first glance, I was not impressed.  However it was night and the color seemed weak and uninteresting.  Come morning, I was in for a surprise.  I was not looking at a weak, wannabe red.  I was looking at a very strong orange, pulling into the mix some red and pink.  And there is some internal shimmer, which I think is more of a pearl.  I think the pearly shimmer might lean a little warm/pinkish.  For a rather dreary month in winter, Surfin’ for Boys is just what I needed.

This shade was a birthday gift from the lovely carinaetoile.  Birthday Lovins Part 1 – Set 3.


Indirect morning light

Indirect morning light



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