Guys, I want to make mention of a fantastic person I know who loves New York City.  Very old school, as far as knowledge of the city and Bobby Short (if you don’t know who that is, you haven’t seen Hannah and Her Sisters and heard Woody yell at Dianne Wiest, “You’re not good enough for Cole Porter.”  It’s one of the funniest lines in that Oscar winning film.) 

Not only that, this person is a pretty good dusty nail store hunter.  She mailed these shades to me out of the goodness of her large, kind and fun heart.  Her name, well, I just call her Babydials!  If you’re out there reading this Babydials, how’s it going?



These are bottle shots of no name Forest Green, Quirius 865 Caribbean Turquoise, and Dante Neon 9 Green.  The Dante leaked a little in transit but other than that, nothing a little thinner couldn’t fix.  All three are gorgeous!  Babydials knew what I was looking for, just a straight golf/kelly green.  The first and the Dante are just what I was looking for and I was stoked to see a Quirius in real life.

Hope you enjoyed.


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