OPI Can You Tapas This?

Yeah I know Spain collection was released a few years ago but you can’t beat this blood-brown-red at this time of year.  My only regret is that the photos I took were not taken in brighter sun, eh, it’s November anyway.  Not much sun most places.

You KNOW a color is going to have perfect coverage when you see a little bit of white goop in the bottom of the bottle.  Resist the temptation to shake well because you’ll just end up infusing punk bubbles into your polish.  The color is a gorgeous but typical fall hue, browned red that’s muted and spicy.  It reminded me somewhat of Vampire State Building but that red was not as brown, though I swapped VSB many years ago, I don’t recall much brown to it.  Although other colors were possibilities for me to use last night, this was the only one that had that crisp autumnal feel I was looking for.

Um, the resolution button on my camera was wonky so the picture quality is crap, but still, I am posting until such time as I rectify my camera’s nonsense.


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