Birthday Luvins Part 1– Set 3: China Glaze Summer Neons 2012

As if I weren’t overwhelmed enough by my box of luvins from Carina for my birthday, I opened up this set of China Glaze neons.  The best thing about this collection was that it sort of brought me back to some of the neon China Glaze of yesteryear that I passed on which of course turned out to be really good.  LOL.  I did not take a group picture but they are pictured here in groups of three.

Three are cream finish:

Ride the Waves is deep, rich bright cobalt blue cream. Under the Boardwalk is a neon magenta cream.  Flirty Tankini is a sour peach/melon cream.  They stick out in the set because the other nine are shimmer, and they swatch very full coverage.

The next three are some mega hot colors:

Pink Plumeria is a warm melon pink, not as bright or dark as Flirty Tankini.  There is shimmer to it but it’s not obvious without FULL SUN.  Sorry my photo doesn’t capture it, but it’s there.  Beach Cruiser is a bright magenta with almost a pearly shimmer finish.  Orange You Hot? is a very citrus-inspired fruity bright, with a darker pearly shimmer.  These three happened to be in the same group because I thought they were the warmest toned of the bunch.

Next are the fun, punchy pink shades:

Love’s a Beach is an intense hot pink, but it’s slightly warm toned with a cooler hot pink center.  This one is probably my favorite of the set!  Hang-Ten Toes is a cooler toned bright berry pink with a cool slightly magenta shimmer.  Surfin’ For Boys is melon-mango neon, with a cooler melon shimmer.  I had to group them together since they were the most similar to each other, obviously reaching out to the crowd wanting the brightest most festive summer color in the spectrum.

For the cool crowd, the last three in the set:

Something about these cool tones sure melt away the heat of a summer day.  I’m With the Lifeguard is the mandatory green of the set, with a bigger pearly shimmer.  Sun-Kissed is the yellow in the set, which has the bigger pearly shimmer.  These two are the most shimmery of the twelve neons.  Actually, that makes them very interesting.   Splish Splash is the blue of the shimmers, a neon blue with light, fine shimmer.  Compared to the other blue, Ride the Waves, it’s much lighter and less neon but very pretty and slightly more turquoise.  Those who prefer the cool tones are going to gravitate towards these three.

I noticed plenty of blogs have posted pictures of this set and I’m sure mine would make a contribution so when I get to Birthday Luvins Part 2, hopefully I’ll edit for the group picture.

In all, at this point I would have to say that if forced to choose one from each of my sets to love most, today it would be OPI A Roll In the Hague, OPI Just Spotted the Lizard, and China Glaze Love’s a Beach but of course that’s my mood du’jour.  Thanks for dropping in for my commentary, and once again BIG THANKS to my buddy Carina L’Etoile.


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