China Glaze Wicked Boxed Set

A pal and I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and snagged the last two China Glaze Wicked boxed sets.  They are a lot of fun, not my favorite shades but should be fun for a creepy Halloween costume.  Featuring a dark pumpkin bright (Roguish Red), an orange-silver -green glitter holo topcoat (Glitter Goblin), a dark blue-purple with dark lapis shimmer (Bizarre Blurple) and  a glow in the dark polish that I am so curious to see how it works (Ghoulish Glow).   Will it light up if you layer, or just on its own?  Does it show color on top of it?  Hm, we’ll have to see what happens when I try it.

Updated: Gosh, it was so FUN buying these gorgeous shades for just $8.49 with my buddy’s Professional discount.  Normally, the retail cost is a mere $9.99 for all three shades.  The colors really charmed my friend but she sadly reported that she and her daughter both tried the glow-in-the-dark and even after charging it by light, fail.  (I did notice the bottle glowed but I haven’t tried it yet.)  Maybe some reader out there has tried it and has a special technique they want to tell me about.


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