Birthday Luvins Part 1– Set 2: OPI Spiderman collection (the good ones)

I have already posted Part 1 set 1, OPI Holland collection but in fact, on my birthday, this set was the first thing I opened and I was floored by the beauty of the OPI Spiderman collection.  We are talking about the five colors in the set (except the crackle).

The first one I picked up is in fact the first picture in this series:

Just Spotted the Lizard is one of my favorite OPI colors ever!  It is a very shimmery (self shimmer, real jaggedy and metallic) olive green whose duo shade is a teal and maybe even some warm orange bronze in some light.  Since I’m a duo ho, this is right up my alley.  Number One Nemesis is this awesome shade of cool graphite (pencil led color) with warm bronzy-gold shimmer.  Into the Night is a cool dark, nearly perwinkle shade of royal blue with jaggedy metallic self shimmer.

This set starts with Into the Night (discussed above), and next is a warm candy pastel pink with pearly shimmer called Your Web or Mine? reminiscent of Strawberried In the Sand.  Call Me Gwen-Ever is a bright, but the tone is a muted, slightly peachy-mango orange.  These last 2 colors are very succulent and juicy looking.

Overall, I was really impressed with this collection.  Everything seemed either unique and fascinating (the first three here) or else tasty and delish.  Thank you again Carina.  I have no access to these colors and they came and went superfast in the outlets nearest to me.
Update: here is a gorgeous swatch photo of Just Spotted the Lizard (2 inner fingertips), Number One Nemesis (outer fingertips) and Into the Night (thumb), aren’t they gorgeous?


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