Birthday Luvins Part 1 — Set 1: OPI Holland Collection

Thank you so much my dear pal Carina L’Etoile for making my birthday and birthday month the best month ever!  Muchas smooches.  Although I can only post pictures of the colors, pictures nor words can describe the happiness in my heart when I opened this box of luffins.

Here is just one part of the parcel, just the OPI Holland Collection.

Here is the entire collection in its glory.   It is a kind of funky collection, and I sorted it by brights, warm toned, and cool toned shades.  You can see overall it’s trying to  get modern by using a lot of bright pure cream textures, modern cool hues including hip shimmer, and do a few pretty mauve-neutrals in a modern way to provide something new for those who aren’t too keen on straying from office beiges and nudes.

Here are the bright shades:

Three modern, bright creams and a very interesting shimmer, Kiss Me On My Tulips, a creamy bright pink-fuchsia, Red Lights Ahead… Where?  a fiery orange-red cream, A Roll In the Hague, a deep pure dark orange cream, and Dutch Ya Just Love OPI, a gorgeous grape with raisin-bronze shimmer.  These are just lovely shades.

The next are the cool toned four colors:

First, we have Thanks a Windmillion, a sagey pastel green cream.  I Don’t Give a Rotterdam is a greyish periwinkle pastel with glassy specks, and its greener sister is I Have a Herring Problem, which is a blue-green-grey with glassy specks.  Obviously very similar, the difference as I see it is that Rotterdam is a warmer purple and Herring is a cooler green, yet I consider both cool.  Last is Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh? a very modern grey-tan cream.  These are so modern and gorgeous.

Next are the four warm shades:

First here is Vampsterdam, an incredible vampy bronzy raisin purple with shards of metallic shimmer, Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, a warm peachy pink with copper shimmer, Wooden Shoe Like to Know, a lightened cocoa brown with copper shimmer, and Pedal Faster Suzi, a pastel neutral pink (I believe there is a tad of lilac but it goes on warm!) with glassy specks of glitter.

Gorgeous colors and fun to blog about, thanks again to my friend and buddy Carina.


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