OPI Tulsa Tootsie Roll-a




OPI Tulsa Tootsie Roll-a.  Circa Spring, 2006. 

Hi, this is my oldie from my file and yeah, it’s nothing special to look at but maybe for historic value.  I reviewed this color back in 2006.  It was nothing special, I admitted.  But it does look almost just like a Tootsie Roll!  If that inspires you, maybe this color will also?  There is a lighter color fleck or two of shimmer, something a tad reddish or pink?  Nothing duochrome or amazing, but enough to let you know that OPI was thinking about doing something different in a day and age where OPI did not have a ton of greens, vampy shades, and mostly what we did have were reds, pinks, browns and neutrals.

As for the shots I took, well, they’re quite horrible.  As you can see from new shots, since I’m a little better now, well, it’s interesting to look back and know I’ve come a ways.  I left in the blurry one on purpose thinking for someone, it might be possible to identify something in the color they liked.  Somewhere I have my OPI hardcover book and I would guess this is from the Route 66 collection.

Oh it is, I just checked this nice person’s blog, go see if it you want to read more.




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