Wet ‘n’ Wild Coloricon Be Jeweled


I saw this at my grocery store and 4 of the 5 shades hopped into my basket with me.  For the low price, I could have picked them all up but one didn’t seem as neat as the others so…

I bet they are still there.  No one is going to look at a grocery store for really cool colors.  This display shows what was left after I picked 4 out.  I’ve seen it since and a few have sold.  It’s just sort of stunning to see this display on the aisle right across from big coolers of chicken wings.

So here are the bottle shots:ImageThe first two, above, are Speak When Spoken To and Bow In My Presence.

Below are Born Into Privilege and Jewels For Your Highness:



Also here they are 4×1, in indirect light and in bright sun.  You can really see how special they are (yeah, I know China Glaze had something exactly like this recently but still, very special!):



Speak When Spoken To:



This one is the more purple/blue of the lot.  These were taken in bright sun, 2 coats.  I am not usually into doing 3 coats of something to hop it up and accentuate it.  I feel what you normally get in 2 coats is what I want to show in my blog.  Unfortunately, the bright sun washed out Speak When Spoken to.  You might just see a glitter fest.  The color is so prismatic and duochrome, you could call it trichrome or quadchrome if you wanted.  You might see blue, purple, pink or even green in the base color of shimmering metallic sparkles.  And on top, you might see large and small round glitter, of turquoise, dark fuchsia, purple, and a kaleidoscope of various color.

This being the first of my 4 to photograph, I neglected the indirect light shot (I got those on the other three) so in that light, I think the purple/blue base stood out a bit more than in these 2 shots above.
Bow In My Presence



This color is essentially a brilliant peacock feather aqua with blue-violet around the edges.  It is my favorite of the Coloricon Be Jeweled collection.  As with the first, the aqua was a little washed out in the bright light, and you might think I should have added another coat.  The third shot is a blur, mainly because you can see the glittery sparkles so well.  Aqua, blue, purple, and reminds me of when I was smaller and would squint at the Christmas lights so they would appear as starry bursts, not as pinpoints.

Born Into Privilege


A beautiful sea green in the bottle with tones of gold and purple.  Really pretty and just like the other two, a little sparse on the base tones in full sun.  Very sparkly with the multi-color and multi-sized glitter.  I don’t believe this shade is as duochrome-y as the other two above but what a pretty peacock and you’re going to be in such awe of the glitter that you probably won’t miss the duochrome much.  Maybe.

Jewels For Your Highness


One of my favorite pairings, dark bluish pink and light pinkish purple!  Jewels For Your Highness is the most saturated of these 4 shades, so you actually are not seeing too much nail peeking through (or since my nail is naturally a warm pink, maybe you are).  Just like the other 4 we are dealing with massive quantities of glitter and different colors, shades, hues, and sizes.  This one doesn’t seem as duochrome as the first three, therefore I think it’s probably the least spectacular as far as duochrome goes.  But it’s pretty, nonetheless.


Overall, I would have to say that maybe I do need the fifth and if so I will add it to this post.  Also, the brush was very short and bushy, combined with the thickness of the formula, I was slightly unhappy.  One or two had been used before by me or my friends, but still, I didn’t think that should or could dry out the formula so much.  Yet, for being so thick, you’d think the color would be a little more saturated on the nail.  Instead, it seemed like the brush was just wiping itself using my nail, or perhaps the color wasn’t coming down off the brush.  It seemed like thinning would not help a lot because for starters, the bottles are mostly full.  Also, thinking wouldn’t work because adding drops of thinner would just probably water down the base.

In all, some very cheap and pleasant fun was had by me this summer with Wet ‘n’ Wild Coloricon Be Jeweled.


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