OPI German-I-Cure by OPI

ImageI had a friend over with interest in homebrewing enterprises and the first comment she made about this and its similar shade, Every Month is Oktoberfest, was that it looked like stout (or porter).  All of the sudden, I starting finding this shade irresistible and requiring a large homebrew in the background of my blog post… like THIS one:


So about the shade, the base is a little black and it’s got loads of mesmerizing warm garnet/blood red deep shimmer.  The application was pretty good.  It is a little thick though.  Anyway, I wore it for three days but eventually removed it to blog new colors.  It seemed to be very long lasting.

Immediately, this color reminded me of the lovely Romeo & Joliet.  Here is a file photo of mine which shows a nicely lit shot of Romeo & Joliet:Image

Now for the sake of comparison, you can see with your own eyes that German-I-Cure by OPI is really nearly 100% similar (except a tiny bit of bronze reflecting at your eyes in the light).  You probably don’t need to own both unless you’re a completist:


In conclusion, you can’t really say that German-I-Cure by OPI is the most unique color in the world but it is nice, it’s easy to find and it’s got prowide brush plus it’s Big 3 Free.  (My Romeo & Joliet is vintage and does have the harsh chemicals and I probably prefer it).  Still, I like it, it suits the entire collection and I hope you find this blog post useful.  Cheers and… bottoms up!


2 thoughts on “OPI German-I-Cure by OPI

  1. This was a GREAT comparison. Thank you so much! Seems like you’re the only one I have found to have done the side by side of the two,. I have, and love, Romeo and Joliet, and was always wondering if I should have gotten Germanicure when it was plentiful. Seems like R&J is more subdued, and not so in-your-face like Germanicure. Anyway, thanks!

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