OPI My Very First Knockwurst


I grabbed anything out of my box o birthday fun last night and I grabbed My Very First Knockwurst.  Perfect for the first day of school (my kids go back today and so do I).  Of course I know that I probably need this type of color to go along with the conservative day crowd of people in my community moreso than I enjoy it as an expression of my color needs.  Yes, I’m a purple, green and blue ho.  Glitter, sparkle and duochrome ho. 

So when I snagged this color and sized it up I kind of chuckled.  This, I thought, is going to shock EVERYONE!  More than any black sparkle or fly’s eye green or sequin violet.

Turns out that this color is more sophisticated than most pinks.  It’s got tons of chalky grey tones in it.  It does look rather naked and processed like a pinky-white knockwurst, honestly.  But if it weren’t for those chalky grey tones you’d be looking at a basic pink.  This is about the most un-basic pink I have tried in recent memory.  Yes, it does amplify the green veins and blue veins on my hands, oh well.  But its coverage is very opaque, unlike most pales.  Opacity in a pale simply puts more emphasis on the color, and takes it out of the boring 1980’s realm of innocuity.  The color here is a slightly greyish but warm pink, and it is a modern pink that won’t trouble you too much if you tend to stray away from pale pinks because it reminds you of Growing Pains or Saved By the Bell or Mrs. Roper.

The coverage is superb and the application very springy and elastic and with 2 coats, there was zero cleanup. 

Next topic is my horrible nails.  I got this crazy ceramic nail file on a whim this past June and I think it basically needs to meet Mr. garbage can.  Combined with my horrible nail care at home (constantly in water, never use gloves, cooking and cleaning about every day) I am experiencing a brutal increase of peels, shredded tips and flakes.  Even with ridge filler you can see ridges in my photos. I am making a huge push at home to use my new Nailtek II products.  I got a set recently of Foundation and Intensive Therapy (IT).  When used as directed, that’s a daily commitment to having a coat of IT on your tips.  But it’s glossy and thin and it dries fast so I may try that also.

With regard to my photos, I may have to come back to add some pictures in afternoon sun because my mornings here are so shadowy in my house.  My camera was the top rated one maybe 5 years ago for what I do, no longer the case.  So I’m going to be replacing that in the very near future. 


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