OPI Nein! Nein! OK Fine


About 5 years ago I was probably sitting on a nail board chatting about this color.  It was originally made by a Canadian freshly minted graduate who liked to make Frankenstein combos of color from her own stash.  She posted a color like this and I laugh thinking about the comments.

“Wow that color is cool.  Why can OPI make a color like that?”

“Cuz OPI is too busy making pinks and hot pinks and sheers ***rolls eyes***”

“If OPI made that I would totally buy it.”

“It was totally easy to make too.  Just a few drops of white in black.”

“COOL!  Please post the formula on your page.  PLEASE!”

Five years or so has passed and finally OPI has made this color.  It may not stand out, it may have dupes.  Maybe OPI created it too late.  But it’s this color.

It’s your typical cream, no shimmer at all.  It’s a blackenned grey cream.  It may be darker than the color that was made by the mad colorist (We’ll not call her Frankenstein for obvious reasons that that name has been previously used).  But it’s pretty cool.  I see that it has a Zoya dupe which I do not own and which incidentally was created first.

Aside from my criticism of being maybe a little bit too late, and maybe a touch boring, the color is nice.  It went on smoothly.  I added a little shine via Poshe Quick Drying Top Coat (which I think I will fire, because the color chipped before I even went to bed).  I do not blame the OPI for chipping.  And I have already bought a new bottle of my trusty Nailtek II Foundation for my base.  The color is deep and although not black, reminds me of road construction.  I would give it three out of five stars, one withheld for not being extremely daring, and one being held because of my feeling it’s too late.  But it’s a solid color, one we probably need in our collection, and because it’s OPI it bears that imprimatur that society will now accept this color and it will not be a fringe color.  Image

PS now that I have published this and look at the colors, I’m so totally firing Poshe.  Look at those scratches on my nail after just one night!


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