OPI Pedal Faster, Suzi!

Pink makes me crazy.  People who love pink and every shade of pink refuse to acknowledge if it suits them or not.  They just love pink!  I love pink too, but if a color doesn’t work on me, and pink usually doesn’t, it gets shipped to someone (probably with less olive skin). 

Thankfully, my luck has increased with this pink which has just enough lilac in it that I can pull it off.  It doesn’t wash me out or clash with my skin tone.


As you can see from the photo (aside from the obviously worn edges because I was on about day 4 of this manicure), there is a slight bit of glassy shimmer that you can see in the bottle, and see on the nail (sometimes you can’t see the glass shimmer except in the bottle, not the case here).  Also you can see, the bottle shade is much cooler than on nails, and it does brighten up to a warmer shade, sadly.  But I did not tire of this color and I’m glad I snapped a pic of it before changing color.



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