OPI A Roll In the Hague

ImageJust when you though you had every orange known to man,OPI surprises you with a fresh new orange.  It’s been not quite a trade secret, but orange has been used by designers for the last few years (case in point: my Elle Autumn 2008 magazine’s back cover’s Dior ad) in a saturated, rich dark color.  Paired with more orange or red, it looks even more orangy.

In 2012, I just read in my People StyleWatch that orange is making a comeback for cars and some of the 2012 paint colors are called Habanero, or Vitamin C by the manufacturers. (May 2012, p. 182, citing, check out this blog on the Prius C.)

People who collect color might think all orange polish is the same, probably would have a dupe to this, and might be shocked that A Roll In the Hague is so bright and dark, to the point of being a red substitute.  It’s nothing like the tangerine colors of the past like Tangerine Scene and Don’t Be Koi with me.  I thought I’d seen most oranges but this one does stand out for being saturated with color and slightly darker than my other oranges.  To anyone who doesn’t think they like oranges, probably they’re getting over this quickly due to the hype over orange in the media and in fashion mags.


This last photo is me and my Elle magazine, as an example to educate my readers (See, Chapter 5 Title 107 of the U.S. Code Copyright, Fair Use), with the purpose of educating and criticizing the use of color with color, juxtaposed with the OPI polish.  A picture is worth a thousand words!  Yes the bright fire engine red and the tangerine are super chic in the Dior ad, and I think OPI very nicely utilizes similar color intensity to claim the feel of modern 2012 levels of saturation.


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