Birthday Madness part 1

Wow what an exciting birthday this one’s been.  First thing that happened, is a girly girlfriend of mine and I head over to Sephora.  I got my cool Happy Birthday Sugar! lipbalm kit, and a nice looking Givenchy mascara for my purse.  Also I got a Dior One Essential skin serum to try and for my one gift to myself, I bought a SpaRitual (a little pricey at $12 (I think, I’ve only ever seen them in beauty supply stores so it seemed like a fortune)  in Meditate on This, a fantastic duo shade, with tons of sparkle, from a very saturated cool cobalt to purple with plenty of flash of green and gold and pink.


You will also notice that I bought Chanel Vertigo and put it in the picture.  It’s from Macy’s, as my Sephora does not carry Chanel nail enamels.  Chanel Vertigo is a lovely dark earthy grey with a ton of golden berry/plummy shimmer that you really only see in bright light.  I took a bottle pic to bring it out.


On nails, you are not likely to see the sparkle but the bottle picture is fun.

Of note, the Fresh Happy Birthday Sugar! Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo is super fun and gorgeous.  The tubes are sleek polished metal, one silvery pink and one silvery rose.  I couldn’t figure out how to get the caps off though until I figured out they were screw tops.  The balms inside have the signature lemon merengue scent and are, of course, luscious and balmy and fluffy.  The writing on the back is cute too.  “Mini Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15.  Mini Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SFP 15.  Our birthday gift to you: the sweetest smooch ever!  This lip-loving duo nourishes, protects and perfects your pout with a blend of skin-softening sugar, moisturizing seed oils, and antioxidant-rich vitamins.”  The product is made in France.  What fun.

The crazy thing is I got insanely spoiled by a another girly girl faerie godmother friend, so I think Part 2 and 3 will be about those fun items.  Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Madness part 1

    • Hmmm… l thought the shimmer was only visible in full sun. one of these shades where coverage is too thick for shimmer to stand out. except it does seem to cling to the sides of the bottle. i have a few colors like this. Maybe it would be better if the shimmer was revealed rather than teasing you. Maybe that Should be my next color??

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