Essie – Shine of the Times or FingerPaints Flashy?

In the bottle, these two shades don’t look that much alike.  The FingerPaints looks deceptively more dense and colorful.


Bottle pictures of Essie luxeffects Shine of the Times and FingerPaints Flashy



Orly Sweet Peacock quickly swatched for my base color

First, I started with Orly’s Sweet Peacock as a base.

Then, I put one coat of Essie Shine of the Times on three fingertips and FingerPaints Flashy on one.  I bet you can’t tell which:


Full sun


Front view, about 90 degrees


Indirect sun

Ok, if you haven’t guessed, the fingertip with FingerPaints Flashy is the Middle.  There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference on the nail in different lighting.  But the Essie is much more densely packed with color.  Also the texture is not the runny texture of ordinary nail polish.  It seems more like a mucilage type cellulose texture but not at all pasty (it’s loose and springy).

My preference is the Essie strongly and I recommend it.  I am sure FingerPaints Flashy will find a good home.


One thought on “Essie – Shine of the Times or FingerPaints Flashy?

  1. Oh yeah, they are. Include Nubar 2010, SH- Hidden Treasure and a few others to that list.

    The good thing is, Finger paints have other flakies that are completely never before seen, so you can choose to by-pass flashy. 🙂
    Awesome comparison.

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