Color Club Foil Me Once

A pretty sugarplum pink, cool toned, with a beautiful tone.  I just have one complaint which is this color isn’t particularly original but what it lack in that aspect, the Pretty Factor saves.  This color is right up my alley.  I love pretty sugarplum pinks (as opposed to a bubblegum pink which I cannot wear).  My only complaint to the person who named this color is… this is my third post on Molten Metals and so far none of the names are on the bottles (came in a boxed set of 6) and none of the names are descriptive of what the color is.

See how pretty the metal tone is in the light?  Indoors at the moment the color of the second is what I’m seeing (but in the light, wow, this color darkens and brightens right up).

I’m experimenting with this little filmstrip thingy in my blog.  Who likes it?  Who doesn’t like it?

Also excuse the cringe-worthy dried cuticles but the color sure looks good, right?


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