L’Oreal Summer Siren Collection: Pink Shells, Marine Blue, Coral Starfish, Yellow Starfish

Crappy cel phone picture.  I’d seen this a while and only one pink was gone when I got to it.  Typical summer fun collection but thankfully nothing quick drying (ahem Revlon).  Reminds me both of the China Glaze surf and their subsequent fruit collection of summers past.  However, the 4 shades were deliciously and decidedly golden-specced not crystal specced.  And the turquoise was slightly duotone.

L’Oreal Pink Shells: Beautiful summery glittery pink duo fuchsia.

taken in full sun

L’Oreal Marine Blue: beautiful slightly green turquoise with amazing shimmery glittery glow.  Slight duotone to blue.

L’Oreal Coral Starfish: excellent coverage.  An orange bursting with gold glitter/shimmer and very joyous.

L’Oreal Yellow Starfish: not the best coverage (see the whites?) but amazingly cheerful and plentiful gold.  I’m good the way it is (2 coats) or maybe a 3rd.  A winning yellow and I’m the person who looks like a rotten egg wearing anything yellow.

Hope you liked my quick blog of this interesting LE collection from L’Oreal.  Their Salon brand polishes seem to be excellent to work with, and cheap.  4 wins for me.

Sorry about not working wordpress like a pro.  Really half heartedly interested in getting this blog looking sharp as I am in getting the info out.  This post took hours.


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